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Measure Overview

# Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

Promote newly enacted legislation to allow property owners to elect to receive electronic Notice of Values (NOV). NMSA 1978 7-38- 84.

Government Accountability

Increased Efficiency

Action Steps

  1. Provide taxpayers with information on how to elect to receive an electronic version of their Notice of Value (NOV) which will reduce the overall mass mailing contract cost.
  2. Information and instructions inserted with the Assessor’s Notice of Value (NOV) mail outs.
  3. Provide information via web-site, press releases and social media.

Why is this measure important?

Saves the county money by going paperless and electronic

Where does the data come from?

Vendor Data Base

How is the measure calculated?

Vendor generates reports and provides us the data. Vendor calculates data by the number of taxpayers who sign up for the service.

Who to contact if you have questions?

Daniel Manzano

Additional Information



FY17 Target


taxpayers registered

FY18 Target


taxpayers registered

Trend Analysis

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