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Measure Overview

# Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

Conduct a Social Media Campaign targeting various age groups (Be Above the Influence)

Public Safety InnovationInnovation

Action Steps

  1. Contract with a Certified Prevention Specialist
  2. Contract with various prevention providers and partners for services
  3. Conduct ongoing site visits, monitoring visits, quality assurance, internal and external evaluations to ensure compliance and fidelity
  4. Report outcomes to Grantor

Why is this measure important?

The funding for this project is paid for by the states liquor excise taxes.  It is critical to measure and track the successes of the programs for the community and state entities who fund these programs.  It is our goal to fund evidence based and cost effective programs that make an impact in the community.

Where does the data come from?

Data is reported monthly / quarterly on DSAP required forms and submitted to dsapprogramreports@bernco.gov

How is the measure calculated?

Number of Prevention Services.

Who to contact if you have questions?

Fran Martinez Romero

Additional Information

Grant funding reductions will decrease the number of activities.



FY17 Target



FY18 Target



Trend Analysis

On Target

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