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Measure Overview

# Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

Improve service delivery, firefighter safety and Insurance Services Office (ISO) training credit through an organized pre-fire planning program by July 2018

Public Safety

Increased EffectivenessIncreased Effectiveness

Action Steps

  1. Conduct an internal audit of countywide businesses by region and fire district by August 2016.
  2. Develop standard operating guidelines for pre-fire planning criteria by August 2016. 
  3. Train all officers on pre-fire planning criteria and procedures by September 2016.

Why is this measure important?

Credit in ISO for getting pre fire plans, the intent is lowering the rating, impact is funding, reducing homeowner insurance rates.

Where does the data come from?

Emergency Reporting System, ISO Target Solutions, and Excel. Run report & spreadsheet

How is the measure calculated?

Data from the reporting, i.e. tracking of injuries, trends, and number of firefighter incidents.

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