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Measure Overview

# Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

Expand existing Bernalillo County Sheriff Office (BCSO) Firing Range from 20 to 40 targets, by building an additional range. Develop an up to date range that can accommodate the academy personnel and BCSO training needs. Currently the 20 targets do not accommodate all the cadets in academy class. This creates dual training periods.

Public Safety

Increased EffectivenessIncreased Effectiveness

Action Steps

  1. Develop engineering plans
  2. Construct facility
  3. Install targets and other facility requirements

Why is this measure important?

To meet the training needs for the department and academy, previous range was outdated and could not accommodated department’s needs.

Where does the data come from?

Construction Plan; Plan/spreadsheet

How is the measure calculated?

Based on completion of action steps, needs

Who to contact if you have questions?

Sid Covington

Additional Information

Range is up and running



FY17 Target


FY18 Target


Trend Analysis

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