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    Measure Overview

    # Objective Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

    Seeking funding for new projects as part of the Complete Streets Ordinance that addresses design elements needed for better use by pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users

    Public Infrastructure Innovation

    Action Steps

    Projects are identified in FY17 and included in FY18 programs. Program complete streets projects in the following:

    1. TIP (Transportation Improvement Program)
    2. CIP (Capital Improvement Program)
    3. ICIP (Infrastructure Capital Improvement Program)

    Why is this measure important?

    Complete streets projects are beneficial to the public for several reasons: encouraging active transportation (walking, biking, and using transit promotes healthy weight in children and adults), improving air quality, increasing safe connectivity to neighborhood retail, schools, community centers, and transit stops, supporting mixed use development known to result in fewer automobile trips, and providing transportation choices for residents who don’t own a car.

    Where does the data come from?

    TIP, CIP, and ICIP lists. Federally funded projects are programmed in the TIP every two years. CIP local GO bond projects are selected every two years. ICIP state funded projects are considered annually. O&M projects are funded using state CAP/COOP grants annually.

    How is the measure calculated?

    # of complete street projects funded

    Who to contact if you have questions?

    Richard Meadows

    Additional Information

    Funded 2017 complete streets projects identified in Pedestrian & Bicyclist Safety Action Plan and ADA Transition Plan:
    1a. Alameda Drain Trail (ph. 2) ($2M, fed TAP) 
    1b. 2nd St NW ADA sidewalks ($600K, GO Bonds)
    2. Barcelona Rd SW sidewalks ($1.5M, GO Bonds
    3. Paradise Hills ADA sidewalks ($2M, GO Bonds) 
    4. Eubank Blvd NE bike lanes and trail ($255K, 5% Bonds)
    5. 4th St NW Restriping w/ bike lanes ($100K, Maint.)

    FY18 potential objective – enhance private sector projects as part of complete streets. Restore performance measure for completing review of Traffic Impact Assessments (TIAs), especially those  resulting in on and off-site improvements.


    FY17 Target



    FY18 Target



    Trend Analysis

    On Target

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