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    • Strategies in Our New Environment (TIPS): Gain insight to how counties and cities are adapting to challenges that they are facing (FY21)  
    • Performance Management Training (GFOA): Performance measure basics, performance journeys, and how to measure performance (FY20)
    • Colorado User Group (OpenGov)Bernalillo County’s evolution of performance management, process improvement and leveraging technology (FY20) 
    • Financial Transparency Webinar (GFOA): Evolution of transparency and accountability through interactive dashboards for internal/public use (FY19)   
    • Getting Others to Understand Performance Management Webinar (OEO User Group):  PowerPoint of performance process training hosted by OEO for cities/counties across the US (FY19) 
    • Getting Others to Understand Performance Management Webinar (OEO User Group): Video of performance process training hosted by OEO for cities/counties across the US (FY19)
    • Moving Beyond ERP Presentation (GFOA): ERP evolution and leveraging data for enhanced analytics (FY18)
    • More with Less Webinar (OpenGov): Utilize OpenGov to analyze data and make decisions through interactive graphs and reports (FY17)
    • Bernalillo Delivers Efficiency Productivity and Savings (Open Text - Vendor Invoice Management): Reduce bottlenecks and enhance visibility by automating vendor payment approvals (FY17)  

    • Performance Training:  Interactive training on how county departments fit into the strategic plan, 3-step performance methodology, building measures, and telling stories with data (FY20) 
    • OpenGov Training:  Train staff on how to use OpenGov to access reports and departmental stories (FY20)
    • Focus GroupCollaborative session to gain valuable insight to ease understanding of the strategic plan, measures, and webpages (FY20)
    • Quarterly Budget Review in OpenGov: Budget liaison training to review new functionality and processes (FY19) 
    • OpenGov Training Handout: One-page handout covering basic OpenGov navigation and functionality (FY19) 
    • Contract Listing Report: Train purchasing staff on the Contract Listing report in OpenGov (FY19) 
    • OpenGov Reports & Navigation: General navigation of operational reports and review of available reports (FY18) 
    • Budget vs Actuals Report Navigation in OpenGov: Detailed guide to navigate budget vs actuals reports in OpenGov (FY18) 

    • Strategic Plan Overview - 40 hr Supervisor: Strategic plan and performance process training for new directors and elected officials (FY20) 

    • Credit Card Report: Use credit card report to replace justification report in SAP (FY20)
    • Fuel Report: Review gallons used and percent change for departments (FY20)
    • Quarterly Budget – Drill & Filter: Filter to specific cost centers, GL account, and funds (FY20) 
    • How to Use Filters: Learn how to apply filters in OpenGov reports by using the data table and filter panel (FY20)
    • OpenGov Quarterly Budget Review: Overview of stories, reports, and navigation for quarterly budget hearings (FY20) 
    • Strategic Plan Overview: Review strategic plan and department webpages (FY20)


    • 3 Inspiring Government Performance Management Leaders to Watch in 2019: Meet 3 performance management leaders and their 5 best practices for developing a successful performance program (FY19) 
    • Effectively Tracks Performance Measures and Saves Time with OpenGov: Implementation of the performance management process and using dashboards to enhance storytelling (FY17) 


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