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Measure Overview

# Performance Measure Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

Remediate life threatening violations within 24 hours (%)

Government AccountabilityCommunity Health Cost Avoidance/Risk Mitigation

Why is this measure important?

Ensures safety and health issues are maintained in the unit; Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements.  
 [24 CFR 982.404(a)]; HUD requires Housing to define life-threatening conditions and to notify the owner or the family (whichever is responsible) of the corrections required. The responsible party must correct life-threatening conditions within 24 hours of Housing notification.  

Where does the data come from?

HUD & Emphasys, housing software system exclusive to housing authority; Run report from system

How is the measure calculated?

Number of complete inspections divided by scheduled inspections

Who to contact if you have questions?

Patrick Pearson

Additional Information

Inspection reports - tracked by degree of violation (each inspection) ; failed units are followed up by the inspector that reported the violation to ensure it is remedied.  If an owner fails to correct life-threatening conditions as required by Bernalillo County Housing Department (BCHD), BCHD will enforce the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) in accordance with HUD requirements.

The following are a few examples of what are considered life-threatening conditions:

Plumbing, gas or fuel leaks, electrical problems, absence of a working heating system not in service, obstacles that prevent safe entrance or exit from the unit, absence of a functioning toilet in the unit


FY19 Target


% remedied within timeframe

FY20 Target


% remedied within timeframe

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