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To offer the public information on how the assessment process works and how to apply for any savings programs they may be eligible for. By increasing our public outreach, we are able to educate residents of programs and forms that are available to them.

Strategic Plan Goal

Government Accountability


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FY21 Target


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FY22 Target


# of events

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Listing of annual events & dates from spreadsheet

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Count the number of public events/outreach opportunities where information is provided outside of the downtown location and outside of the M-F, 8-5 business hours.

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Ensure that any forms or information that can be obtained by coming into our office is also publicly posted on our website.  
Events hosted or participated in: SV Pride Day, Day in Paradise, events with Treasurer and Clerk, East Mountain, State Fair, PNM, Chile Fest, Vet Outreach.
In-person events have been canceled due to COVID-19, virtual outreach events are coming soon.  Click here to view the social media and community outreach page


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