Why is this measure important?

Jail cannot operate without correction officers, this will ensure the health and safety of the jail and the public.

Strategic Plan Goal

Public Safety


Business Strategy

Increased Effectiveness

FY21 Target


% of CO's Employed After 1 Year

FY22 Target


% of CO's Employed After 1 Year

by #095259

MDC academy coordinator and MDC Statistician

by #095259

Number of CO grad list remaining 1 year divided by all graduates

by #095259

This measures looks at the number of officers who leave within the first year of employment (we track the reason they leave separately i.e. resign, dismissed, abandon job).   They lose about 40% in the first year but are holding flat to last year prior to COVID-19 pandemic.  There is no compliance or regulatory reason for the target, department would rather set the goal high and try to achieve it.
FY21 Q2 - Time period includes graduates from 7/11/2019 – until 1/2/2020, which comprises four academy classes.

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