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Measure Overview

# Performance Measure Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

Proposed projects are technically evaluated in 45 working days (even numbered years) (Y/N)

Government Accountability

Increased Efficiency

Why is this measure important?

Bernalillo County performs technical evaluations of some project types every other year as part of updating its six-year Capital Improvement Plan and assembling a general obligation bond package for voter consideration in even-numbered years. Project types, such as paving unpaved roads, are only compared to other projects of the same type (for example, Unpaved Road X is compared to Unpaved Road Y) as a way to determine relative need and identify where funding should be spent.

Where does the data come from?

CIP database, SAP, Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Public Works has written code that can database info and run a technical analysis of it

How is the measure calculated?

CIP Database compiles data from GIS, SAP, etc. to produce technical evaluation rankings and allocate a priority score to projects

Who to contact if you have questions?

Martin LewisClay Campbell

Additional Information

Capital project funding is limited so Bernalillo County strives to make spending decisions that will have the greatest public impact and benefit.

Capital projects are presented for approval every even numbered calendar year in November which represents an odd numbered fiscal year for reporting.


FY19 Target


Projects evaluated

FY20 Target


Projects evaluated

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