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Measure Overview

# Performance Measure Strategic Plan Goal Business Strategy

Complete financial analysis (Y/N)

Government Accountability Increased Efficiency

Why is this measure important?

This measure will help Housing staff monitor their performance in closing each month timely and accurately. 

Where does the data come from?

Housing Urban Development (HUD) system/SAP/Elite; various reports are used to complete the analysis to meet the 25th day

How is the measure calculated?

Completion of the measure must be done by the 25th day, there is no calculation. Number of days will be reported. 

Who to contact if you have questions?

Brandee PachecoLucy White

Additional Information

Complete financial analysis and close by the 25th for the prior month for Housing, except July, Aug, & Sept information will be zero
FY19 - Numbers are high for the months of Oct-Feb because asset recon was received several months late, Housing does not have control over this information.


FY19 Target


# of days to complete financial close

FY20 Target


# of days to complete financial close

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