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What do we do?


  • The HP team: enforces various county codes as well as model existing codes from New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
  • Food Service Regulation: plan review of new Food Service Establishments (FSE), routine inspection of all food service provided to the public, investigating complaints regarding FSE sanitation and foodborne illness and permitting and inspecting temporary events
  • Code Enforcement: responding to complaints about: noise, solid waste, dwelling sanitation and safety, these activities may require multi-department and multi-agency interaction (HP no longer regulates massage therapy, well water supplies or liquid waste)
  • Public Swimming Pools: plan review for new construction, season opening and routine inspections, and complaint investigation
  • Vector Control : Managed under the Albuquerque Environmental Health Department and Urban Biology Program, via annual contract, technicians perform mosquito management throughout Bernalillo County and Albuquerque jurisdictions and respond to complaints about rodents, roaches and bed bugs, as well as conduct investigations of Hanta Virus, Plague, Tularemia, and West Nile Virus


  • Administers county’s building, zoning, planning, subdivision, business registration, impact fees, street name and other development related regulations
  • Coordinates public hearing and approval process for land use and development matters before Board of County Commission (BCC), County Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator and County Development Review Authority
  • Provides plan review, inspection and complaint response services for building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permit applicants
  • Coordinates code enforcement, nuisance abatement and property maintenance programs in conjunction with other county departments
  • Assists and issues zoning and building permits, business licenses, and property address
  • Works closely with business and development community and neighborhood representatives on community planning efforts
  • Coordinate and maintain county-wide enterprise development management system Accela and department e-commerce technology
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The legend below illustrates the alignment to the Strategic Plan Goals across the objectives and performances measures per department. 

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