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    The Strategic Plan is a tool used by the county to ensure that we are doing the right things to meet the needs of the community. The Strategic Plan helps move the county forward towards the strategic plan goals.  

    The Strategic Plan consists of five Strategic Plan Goals: (1) Government Accountability; (2) Public Safety; (3) Economic Vitality; (4) Community Health; (5) Public Infrastructure.  Departments align their Objectives and Performance Measures to these goals.


    The mission of Bernalillo County is to be an effective steward of county resources and a partner in building a high quality of life for county residents, communities and businesses.

    Services performed by county departments that are measurable and strive to achieve targets that align to the business strategies of the county.  

    A short-term initiative, or project, with a beginning and end date, action steps and a measurable target and outcome. Something that achieves the business strategies of the county.

    Business strategies are the "how" and "why".  They are used to achieve Strategic Plan Goals and measure performance.  Increased Efficiency; Increased Effectiveness; Cost Avoidance/Risk Mitigation; Transparency; & Innovation.  

    Over the spring and summer of 2012, the executive leadership team of Bernalillo County met in a series of facilitated meetings to formulate a strategic plan for the organization. This effort resulted in an updated mission statement and five strategic goals. The plan was drafted as a starting point and refined with public input through the county’s website in November and December of 2012. 

    On April 23, 2013, the Strategic Plan was adopted by the Bernalillo County Commission. County management committed to continue to develop the plan to ensure it remains a sustainable and adaptable document to meet the needs of the community. The plan was re-presented to the commission in 2014 and 2015. 

    County Manager, Julie Morgas Baca, reviewed the Strategic Plan in early 2016 along with the executive leadership team and reaffirmed the Strategic Plan and adopted a vision for the future to ensure alignment of the objectives, performance measures, and initiatives to the Strategic Plan.  In order to enhance transparency and accountability, an interactive Strategic Plan is available on Bernco View.  

    Maria Zuniga

    Business Improvement Administrator

    415 Tijeras NW

    Albuquerque, NM 87102

    Phone: (505)468-1684 Office, (505)259-6864 Cell


    Strategic Plan Goals

    To learn more about the Objectives and Performance Measures that support each Strategic Plan Goal, click the tiles below:

    Government Accountability

    Transparent & accountable use of taxpayer dollars
    Government Building
    rgb(34, 132, 197)

    Public Safety

    Community where residents are safe from crime & injury

    Economic Vitality

    Thriving, livable community with diverse economic opportunities
    Business workers

    Community Health

    Healthy and active community with access to cultural amenities

    Public Infrastructure

    Meet community needs by supporting infrastructure owned by county or for public use (e.g. roadways, facilities, systems)

    Department Performance

    Bernalillo County is committed to being a high performance organization.  The County is committed to strategically planning through long term goals, measuring results, and comparing these results to appropriate benchmarks, while striving to improve its operations by analyzing data to make informed decisions.  In an effort to be more transparent and promote public trust, it is the County's intent to provide performance information to the public that demonstrates progress towards achievement of long term goals and improvement of operations.

    Scroll down and click below to learn more about county departments, such as what they do, and their performance data.

    Measuring What Matters

    To focus on “Measuring What Matters,” departments start with a foundation. Defining departments mission and services helps towards understanding how each department supports the community. As part of the framework for developing performance measures and objectives departments consider the following questions:

    • What does the community want to know about the department?
    • What would the department like the community to know?
    • What does the department want to learn about itself?

    Departments establish objectives and performance measures as part of the 2-year biennial budget cycle. During the budget cycle, performance data is reviewed on an on-going basis with departments and county leadership. The performance reporting process follows a 3-step methodology

    1. Build Foundation
    2. Develop Framework
    3. Analyze & Review Performance

    Measuring What Matters-BIPO Chevron

    Build Foundation

    Determine "Why do we exist?" and "What do we do?" to build the foundation for objective and performane measures

    Build Foundation Chevron

    Develop Framework

    Create a plan to support the foundation by setting objectives and performance measures to guide the County over the short and long tem

    Develop Framework Chevron

    Analyze & Review Performance

    Review objectives and performance measures with county leadership to address accomplishments, updates, and obstacles

    Analyze & Review Performance Chevron

    Business Strategy

    The Strategic Plan is broken up into several components which help the county plan short-term and long-term goals at the department level.  The key purpose is to align the county’s strategy to the business strategy by focusing on initiatives, objectives, and performance measures to enhance the business and support the organization. Departments align to the business strategy to ensure their services and goals drive the organization.

    Departments seek to drive to the following business strategies:

    Increased Efficiency

    Stopwatch icon
    Doing things in the right manner. Is efficiency increased by doing work faster, with fewer resources or less overtime?

    Increased Effectiveness

    Checklist icon
    Doing the right things. Is effectiveness increased by eliminating errors or better meeting the public need?

    Cost Avoidance / Risk Mitigation

    Piggy bank icon
    Are risks being mitigated? Are costs being avoided?


    Computer icon
    Is visibility enhanced? Is there transparency?


    Innovation icon
    Are processes and technologies being used to do things differently, implement new ideas, or enhance services?



    In July 2017, Bernalillo County was recognized for its data-driven management and reporting efforts with a Certificate of Distinction in Performance Management from The International City/County Management Association (ICMA). Certificates are based on established criteria and are awarded at three levels: Achievement, Distinction, and Excellence. Recipients at all levels collect and verify data to ensure reliability, train staff in performance measurement, and  report data to the public through budgets, newsletters, and/or information provided to elected officials.

    Certificates of Distinction are awarded to those who also provide comparative and benchmarking information to the public, use performance data in strategic planning and operational decision-making, and share their knowledge with other local governments through presentations, site visits, and other networking activities.

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