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What is a Performance Measure?

A service performed by the county that strives to achieve targets and aligns to a strategic plan goal and business strategy

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How Did We Get Here?

Strategic Plan Walkthrough

The walkthrough is an overview to enhance utilization and understanding of the Strategic Plan & Department Performance webpages. The video explains the strategic plan goals and describes how departments align performance measures and objectives to these goals. It also shows how to navigate to department performance pages where there is an overview of the mission, services, measures, and dashboard. Finally, review the county’s 3-step methodology for establishing, collecting, and reporting data.

How does the County Align to the Strategic Plan Goals?

Departments create and track objectives and performance measures that align to one of the County’s five Strategic Plan Goals. The Strategic Plan Goals are the core of the Strategic Plan, which address major departmental services provided by the county. Each goal has key focus areas that illustrate what departments are doing to enhance services and support the community. Key focus areas, such as expanding online services and planning for emergencies, provide a summary look at the performance measures and objectives that support each of the strategic plan goals.

To learn more about each Strategic Plan Goal and key focus areas, click the tiles below:

Government Accountability

Transparent & accountable use of taxpayer dollars
Government Building
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Public Safety

Community where residents are safe from crime & injury

Economic Vitality

Thriving, livable community with diverse economic opportunities
Business workers

Community Health

Healthy & active community with access to cultural amenities

Public Infrastructure

Meet community needs by supporting infrastructure owned by county or for public use (e.g. roadways, facilities, systems)

How are Departments Improving Performance?

Departmental performance measures and objectives drive the Strategic Plan. Each department has a performance page outlining its mission, services, prior initiatives, planning and research data, and current performance data and trends. Departments focus on tracking short and long term goals to improve operations and make informed decisions by analyzing data. The goal is to be accountable and transparent by sharing this data with the community.

To learn more about departments’ services, projects, and performance trends, click the tiles below:

Measuring What Matters

Measuring what matters is the priority when developing performance measures and objectives. Departments start with building a foundation, which includes a well-defined mission statement and listing of services. The Operations Excellence Office (OEO) works with all departments and elected officials to ensure mission and services are defined and illustrate how the department or elected office supports the community.

OEO works with all departments and elected officials to develop performance measures and objectives as part of the two-year performance cycle. That framework of performance measures and objectives aligns with the services provided by the department.

To analyze & review performance data, OEO has an on-going basis with departments and county leadership to assure the county is measuring what matters. 


To learn more about the 3-step methodology, click on the tiles below:

Business Strategy

The Strategic Plan is broken up into several components which help the county plan short-term and long-term goals at the department level.  The key purpose is to align the county’s strategy to the business strategy by focusing on objectives and performance measures to enhance the business and support the organization. Departments align to the business strategy to ensure their services and goals drive the organization. For more information about the county's business strategies click on the image below:


Bernalillo County Recognized for Performance Management Leadership

In October 2019, Bernalillo County for the first time in its history received the highest level award in performance management, Certificate of Excellence in Performance Management, from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). Certificates of Excellence are awarded to those government entities who track and report key outcomes, survey residents and local government employees, incorporate data into performance dashboards or other visual communications, and foster the development of a performance culture throughout their organizations.

Certificates are based on established criteria and are awarded at three levels: Achievement, Distinction, and Excellence. Recipients at all levels collect and verify data to ensure reliability, train staff in performance measurement, and report data to the public. In 2017 and 2018, Bernalillo County was recognized for its data-driven management and reporting efforts by ICMA with a Certificate of Distinction in Performance Management.

Bernalillo County reports its strategic plan and detailed information for 30+ departments reporting over 300 performance measures and objectives on this transparent Strategic Plan and Department Performance website. For more information or assistance with this webpage, contact the Operations Excellence Office at performancemeasures@bernco.gov.

GFOA Budget Award, Special Recognition for Performance Management

Bernalillo County, for the first time in its history, received the Special Performance Measures Recognition as part of the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020. Fewer than two percent of the 1,600 jurisdictions participating in the GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Award program receive a special recognition on performance measures each year nationwide. A budget has to receive “outstanding” ratings on performance measures from all reviewers in order to receive this recognition for excellence in providing objective measures of progress toward accomplishing mission, goals and objectives of countywide departments and elected officials as well as organization wide. 

This award acknowledges the county’s efforts towards improving accountability and transparency in performance management. The GFOA criteria for special recognition for performance management ensures departmental performance data:

  • Aligns to county’s strategic plan goals
  • Demonstrates departmental goals and results

Operations Excellence Office (OEO)

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Operations Excellence Manager



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Operations Excellence Analyst



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