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The mission of the Bernalillo County Youth Services Center (YSC) is to protect the community from those youth placed in our custody in a safe, secure, and humane environment according to the Principles of Direct Supervision and standards of the American Correctional Association. The Bernalillo County Youth Services Center is committed to creating and maintaining alternatives to detention through community supervision programs that promote education, healthy lifestyles, and positive choices for youth and their families.

  • The Youth Services Center (YSC) is a 78-bed juvenile detention facility that houses male and female residents that have been charged with a delinquent act
  • YSC is a pre-adjudication facility, meaning all youth in our custody have not been “sentenced” and their case is working its way through the court process
  • The facility offers several programs that include education, recreation, therapeutic group activities, mental health and substance abuse counseling as well as community sponsored activities
  • Provides education from middle school to 12th grade to residents detained at YSC, which allows for transitioning back into their normal school setting
  • For youth in the community, Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) provides a transitional education program for youth that are long term suspended and a continuation school which provides General Educational Development (GED) preparation and GED testing
  • Provides alternative supervision programs that reduce length of stay at YSC that includes Global Positioning System (GPS) ankle bracelet monitoring and staff making home visits, and drug testing while youth are on court ordered conditions of release
  • Provides behavioral health and substance abuse services for youth diagnosed with mental heath illnesses (program has helped reduce recidivism)
  • Provides specific treatment programs that reduce lengths of stay in detention and are directed at youth issues

ID Objective Status Accomplished Date


Continue to reduce room confinement time (isolation) in order to meet Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) standard of 4 hours max by FY18 third quarter 


Future Review


Implement Core Enrichment Programs (ex; Garden Program, Rope Course, Equine Therapy, Golf- First Tee Program, Canine Program) 




The Matrix is used during the Build Foundation and Developing Framework phases of the performance reporting process. While developing the Matrix the mission, services, projects, and performance measures are reviewed, updated, and/or established for the upcoming cycle. The Meeting Agenda and Industry Research are used during the Analyze & Review phase of the performance reporting process. The Meeting Agenda tracks questions and follow up items addressed during the DCM Performance Meetings, while the Industry Research is reviewed for industry trends and benchmarking opportunities.   


The legend below illustrates the alignment to the Strategic Plan Goals across the objectives and performances measures per department.

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