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Bernalillo County

This is the official news archive for Bernalillo County. Here, you'll find news releases sent by the county,

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Bernalillo County Seeking Applicants for DWI Planning Council Vacancy

6:00 PM

Bernalillo County – Bernalillo County is currently soliciting for a DWI Planning Council vacancy appointment for County Commission District 1.

The intent of the DWI Planning Council is to develop a county DWI plan and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on prevention, treatment, and law enforcement programs, services, and activities designed to reduce the incidence of DWI and decrease the number of alcohol-involved traffic crashes and fatalities in Bernalillo County.

The position is open to candidates who reside within Bernalillo County and has a three-year term limit. Interested parties can learn more about the board and apply at DWI Planning Council Boards+ Page at the below link.. 

About the DWI Planning Council: Bernalillo County began administering the Local DWI Grant Program in 2003. Section 11-6A-3 D(4) NMSA 1978 requires recipients of the grant to establish a DWI planning council. The county enacted the DWI Planning Council by Administrative Resolution 2003-32 (revised 2009 and 2017). The DWI Planning Council consists of 12 members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. Members are selected from the following categories: Community Substance Abuse Treatment (1), School Representative (1), Commission District Representatives (5), Liquor Industry Representative (1), Public Health (1), Community Traffic Safety (1), Native American Community (1) and Behavioral Health (1)



About Bernalillo County

Bernalillo County is 1,160 square miles and is New Mexico’s most populous county with more than 674,000 residents. Bernalillo County government provides a wide range of public services to residents who live in Albuquerque, Los Ranchos and Tijeras and the 111,000 residents who live outside the village and city limits in the unincorporated areas of the county. Bernalillo County employs approximately 2,500 people and has an annual operating budget and capital investments of more than $650 million. Elected officials include five county commissioners, assessor, clerk, probate judge, sheriff and treasurer.


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