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Bernalillo County

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Protect Household Pets with Coyote Deterrences

3:16 PM
Zacary Wilson-Fetrow, O (505) 468-1272 - zwilson@bernco.gov

Bernalillo County – Coyotes have been coming closer to residences in Bernalillo County and going after household pets, but there are ways to deter coyotes from animals and property.

Pet owners can change their behavior to deter coyotes when taking their animals outside:

  • Pets should be supervised when playing or going outside.
  • Pets should be walked in the daytime as much as possible and on a leash.
  • Pets should not be walked where coyotes are known to frequent.

Tools can be used to deter and prevent coyote attacks:

  • Pets can wear a coyote-deterrence vest.
  • Pet owners can carry a whistle or air horn.

There are also changes to make around residences to deter or scare off coyotes:

  • Fences should be at least six to eight feet tall with coyote rollers or extensions.
  • Yards should be kept clean with fewer spaces for animals, coyote food, to hide.
  • Potential food sources in yards, like gardens, can be reduced.
  • Bright deterrence lights can be put around the property.

No strategy is guaranteed to work, but deterrances may reduce the threats coyotes can present. For more information, please visit k9ofmine.com/coyote-deterrents-repellents/.

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About Bernalillo County

Bernalillo County is 1,160 square miles and is New Mexico’s most populous county with more than 674,000 residents. Bernalillo County government provides a wide range of public services to residents who live in Albuquerque, Los Ranchos and Tijeras and the 111,000 residents who live outside the village and city limits in the unincorporated areas of the county. Bernalillo County employs approximately 2,500 people and has an annual operating budget and capital investments of more than $650 million. Elected officials include five county commissioners, assessor, clerk, probate judge, sheriff and treasurer.

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