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Commission Chair Charlene Pyskoty Announces East Mountain Broadband FAQ and Email Service

10:08 AM
Floyd Vasquez, C (505) 250-7848 -

Bernalillo County – Commissioner Charlene Pyskoty today announced the launch of an online frequently asked question feature on focused on challenges and opportunities for expanded broadband internet services in the East Mountains within Bernalillo County. Broadband speed and reliability have long been a concern for area residents, but the issue has become urgent with the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency as households use multiple devices to perform work and attend school online.

“As the legislative session continues it is clear to the executive and legislative branches of government that we need better broadband in rural New Mexico,” says Commission Chair Charlene Pyskoty. “Our intention with the East Mountain FAQ and email service is to have well-informed constituents assisting and contributing to our advocacy and ultimately helping us to get to the front of the line for infrastructure investment in our community.” 

Bernalillo County staff prepared the East Mountain Broadband FAQ to inform constituents of the various challenges and opportunities for improved service. What is broadband? What service is available now? What speeds do we need? Why hasn’t private industry solved this problem? These questions and more are asked and answered. There’s also a link on every page allowing constituents to send ideas, insights and additional questions for possible inclusion in the FAQ.

Contemporaneous with the launch of the FAQ, Commissioner Pyskoty has facilitated an email service for East Mountain residents interested in the expansion of broadband services and other local issues. It’s part of Bernalillo County’s subscription-based information system called govDelivery. Residents who sign-up for the District 5 list will receive occasional updates on the East Mountain broadband project and other local issues by email. Click here to subscribe.

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