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County Taking Paper and Online Applications for Rental Assistance

2:01 PM
Economic Development, O (505) 468-1279 -

Bernalillo County – Bernalillo County is now accepting online applications for utility and rental assistance through the Bernalillo County Relief of Emergency Needs for Tenants (RENT) assistance program.  Paper applications are also being accepted.

The RENT program makes available $5 million to assist households that are unable to pay rent and utilities due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The funds are provided directly to states, U.S. territories, local governments, and Native American tribes.  

The grant, made available to Bernalillo County by the United States Treasury, has been earmarked for qualifying renters outside the city limits of Albuquerque, but within the county. Applicants within the city must apply to the City of Albuquerque’s rental assistance program. Applicants can verify if they are located outside of the city of Albuquerque before applying by using the provided locator Map. Please click here for a short instructional video on how to use the map.

The grant covers rent and renters’ utility payments, which will be applied towards past due rent and utilities due starting April 2020 through December 2021, for up to six months of rental and utility assistance payments, but no more than $10,000 for rent and/or utilities. This grant does not cover mortgage payments nor mortgage owners’ utilities.

Landlords may also begin the application process for tenants.  Renters are required to fill out an application along with the landlord.

Paper applications may be downloaded at:  Once completed, paper applications - along with copies of the required documents - shall be delivered to the downtown Bernalillo County Treasurer’s tax payment drop-box at Fifth and Marquette NW.  Applications may also be mailed to:

Bernalillo County
Attn: Economic Development
C/O Sulema Lenz
One Civic Plaza
10th Floor, County Manager’s Office
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Applicants wishing to fill out an electronic, online application should also go to and follow the link.

To qualify all applicants must:

  • Live outside the city of Albuquerque's municipal boundary within Bernalillo County.
  • Have COVID-19 related income loss that has made it difficult or unable to pay rent;
  • Have documentation that shows the household’s current total gross household income is less than 80% of the median family income;
  • Currently be on a lease, and not be recipients of other federally subsidized rental assistance programs (such as Section 8 or project-based voucher assistance, a housing choice voucher, or public housing);
  • Not be a full-time student whose rent is paid by someone else.

Bernalillo County Average Median Income:

Required Documents:

  • Copy of government-issued photo ID or head of household, such as a New Mexico driver’s license, passport, green card, U.S. Visa, or other identity card.  
  • Proof of household's current gross annual income
    • Proof of gross annual income as of 12/31/2020 for all household members (3rd party documentation or signed self-certification form or written and written/signed statement). For any household members who did not have income before COVID-19 need to submit a self-certification of zero income.
    • Third party documentation includes:
      • 2020 tax return,
      • Social Security/SSI benefit letter,
      • Proof of child support,
      • TANF assistance letter,
      • Veterans benefits letter,
      • Proof of annuities,
      • Proof of retirement funds,
      • Pension benefit letter,
      • Worker’s compensation/severance pay verification,
      • Armed Forces pay verification,
      • Student financial assistance verification,
      • Regular contributions or gifts verification,
      • Alimony verification
  • Proof of COVID-related income loss, such as CARES Act unemployment benefits letter, letter from employer, pay stubs showing reduced hours, self-certification/written and signed statement, etc.
  • Proof of lease or rental agreement, invoicing/receipts from extended stay hotel/motels, or self-certification of a verbal lease.
  •  Proof of past due utility bills or disconnect notice.
    • Qualifying utilities include water, gas, electricity, and/or internet service.

Email questions to or call 505-468-1279.

Bernalillo County residents that live within the city of Albuquerque, please follow the link below for rental, utility, and eviction protection assistance programs from the City of Albuquerque. or call 505-768-2000

Bernalillo County residents that need mortgage payment assistance, please follow the link below to the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority’s COVID-19 Housing Cost Assistance Program.
NMFA Covid-10 Housing Cost Assistance Program

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About Bernalillo County

Bernalillo County is 1,160 square miles and is New Mexico’s most populous county with more than 676,000 residents. Bernalillo County government provides a wide range of public services to residents who live in Albuquerque, Los Ranchos and Tijeras and the 111,000 residents who live outside the village and city limits in the unincorporated areas of the county.  Bernalillo County employs approximately 2,500 people and has an annual operating budget and capital investments of more than $650 million. Elected officials include five county commissioners, assessor, clerk, probate judge, sheriff, and treasurer.


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