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Public Defender JDAI Partners Featured on KUNM Show

10:53 AM

Young people who end up in the court system for substance abuse are at a crucial point in their lives. In many New Mexico communities, recovery courts provide resources for minors to address substance abuse and take advantage of mental health services. One goal is to address drug use before a minor ends up in the adult court system.


On the KUNM Call in Show Recovery Courts for Teens, we learn how recovery courts work and hear from some previous participants.

  • Do you think alternative sentencing for young people works?
  • Did you use drugs as a teen? Do you think you would have taken advantage of treatment options if you were in recovery court?
  • What penalties or punishments do you think are effective for teens?
  • Do you have questions about how youth recovery courts work?

To listen to the full program on KUNM's website, click here

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