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Community Members Selected for Behavioral Health Committees


Appointments have been made for four behavioral health committees, charged with recommending the direction of the Behavioral Health Initiative, and the spending of the $17 million gross receipts tax for mental health services.

The four committees are each charged with addressing a component of the Behavioral Health Initiative: crisis services; prevention, intervention and harm reduction; supportive housing; and community supports. These four areas are crucial components of the initiative to improve accesses to behavioral health services in the community.

Each committee will evaluate projects deemed to be a priority of the Behavioral Health Initiative. While the final determinations for funding are decided by elected officials, the behavioral health committees will generate input on the shape and design of these projects.

Interested participants for the new committees were able to submit resumes to Bernalillo County in April. Members were asked to make one year commitments to serve.

Resumes were evaluated by a small team of representatives from Bernalillo County, the City of Albuquerque, and University of New Mexico Hospitals, who selected the appointees. Members were chosen from representatives of the criminal justice system, treatment specialists, service providers and consumers in the community.

The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Government Commission, the cooperative planning ground for the Behavioral Health Initiative between the county and the City of Albuquerque, authorized the committees in March to gain input from the community.

The first meeting of the behavioral health committees will be in closed session on June 15 from 4 – 6 p.m. for orientation. Meetings after orientation will be announced, and will be open for public attendance and comment.

Click here for more information about the Behavioral Health Initiative. 



Committee members


Crisis Services


Subject Matter or Technical Experts

1. Jeanette Baca

2. Rick Miera

3. J. Rocky Romero

4. Jane Keeports, Director of Behavioral Health at Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital

5. Ann Taylor Trujillo, Executive Director of the University of New Mexico Psychiatric Center

6. A representative from Lovelace Health System (TBD)

7. Hon. Stan Whitaker, District Court Judge 2nd Judicial District


Community Members

1. Jim Ogle

2. Thomas Gagliano

3. Kathryn Lynnes

4. Caroline G. Monie (alternate)


Supportive Housing


Subject Matter or Technical Experts:

1. Betty Valdez, Bernalillo County Housing

2. Heidi Jordan, City of Albuquerque Housing

3. Karen Meador, State of New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Division

4. A representative of the New Mexico Mortgage

Finance Authority (TBD)

5. Britt Baca Miller

6. Michelle Valencia Stark


Community Members

1. Sr. Agnes Kaczmarek, OSF

2. Constance Banuelos

3. Robert Baade

4. Lorette Enochs

5. Ricki Bloom (alternate)



Subject Matter or Technical Experts:

1. Heba Atwa-Kramer

2. Jennifer Osterling

3. Barri Roberts

4. Rosario Romero

5. Rebecca Leppala

6. Mark Clark


Community Members:

1. Mary Jo Picha

2. Susan E. Page

3. Ava Maguire

4. Jennifer Kelley

5. Barry Ore (alternate)

Stabilization and Supports


Subject Matter or Technical Experts:

1. Nancy Jo Archer

2. Dr. Paul Hopkins

3. Marcia Harris

4. Anna Nelson

5. Verner Westerber, retired, University of New Mexico

6. John Schoeppner, 2nd Judicial District Court


Community Members

1. Melissa Berry

2. Kathy Finch

3. Shelby McDaniel

4. Laura Tuzinowski

5. Robin Connell (alternate)






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