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BernCo Commission Approves MDC Transition Planning and Re-entry Resource Center


The County Commission tonight approved spending $1.3 million on a plan to develop and fully fund a Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) Transition Planning and Re-entry Resource Center - using funds from the Bernalillo County behavioral health tax fund.

The Re-entry Resource Center will be located at 401 Roma NW (the current Public Safety Center) and will service individuals leaving the MDC and returning to the community.

The Re-entry Resource Center is designed to reach individuals who may have behavioral health challenges and a high need for resources, such as temporary shelter, food, and re-connecting with family members or community providers who can help former inmates gain footing after leaving jail.

“Bernalillo County is moving forward filling gaps in behavioral health services and finding new ways to help individuals at risk, fulfilling our commitment to the community,” says County Commission Chair Debbie O’Malley.

There are two primary components to the project.

The first component actually begins before the individual is released from jail. It is transition planning for clients still at MDC who are at high risk for returning to jail.

Planners inside the jail would administer risk/needs assessments, create transition plans and coordinate with case managers at the Re-entry Resource Center to facilitate a smooth transition for the individual being released back to the community.

The second component is that individuals released from jail would be discharged to the Re-entry Resource Center where they can receive immediate assistance linking them to community based services, achieve long term stability and have a safe place to transition back into society.

The operational cost of the proposed project is divided into two components:

·         MDC transition planning: $446,000

·         Re-entry Resource Center: $595,188.

Part of the first floor at 401 Roma NW will require one-time renovations including furniture and equipment at a cost not to exceed $300,000, for a total first year cost of $1.3 million and $1 million annually thereafter. 

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