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A Conversation About Fentanyl

On Oct. 13, 2022, Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque hosted a community-wide fentanyl summit as an introduction to an extensive fentanyl awareness campaign to immerse the community in an education process to combat this life-ending and family-shattering drug. Hundreds attended in person and hundreds more watched online. 


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Missed our summit? Watch it below!

2022 Fentanyl Summit: Opening Remarks

2022 Fentanyl Summit: Frontline Panelists (Public Safety, Health, and Education)

2022 Fentanyl Summit: Judicial Panel

2022 Fentanyl Summit: Community Provider Panelists 

2022 Fentanyl Summit: Family, Individual, and Peer Testimonials and Closing Remarks

Provider Interviews

Choice Recovery Path

Under His Construction 

Courageous Transformations

UNMH Addiction and Substance Abuse Outpatient Program 

Serna Solutions

Caroline Jaramillo

Founder and CEO Marc Schmallentalks to BernCo Fire and Rescue’s Janessa Ruiz about how his organization is helping people in recovery, organizations providing recovery services to clients and governmental agencies.

Vice President Chris Cleveland discusses housing, education and career development for people coming out of incarceration and homelessness. Janessa Ruiz of BernCo Fire and Rescue talks to Joey D. and Mike T. about the work the organization does in the community.

Janessa Ruiz with Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue interviews Charlotte Breeden and Carla Moore about how they are helping individuals with opioid use disorder.

Janessa Ruiz with Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue interviews Cade Arnink about how the program  provides comprehensive treatment programs for those dealing with addiction. 

Janessa Ruiz with Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue interviews Brian Serna about helping families with a loved one who is dealing with addiction and treating the whole family as opposed to just the person in crisis thru the Family Empowerment Project.

Janessa Ruiz with Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue interviews this community organizer and activist who lost her son to fentanyl poisoning.

Personal Testimonials

 Personal Testimonial: Vivian Sena

Personal Testimonial: Stacy Burleson

Personal Testimonial: Tanya Tijerina

Personal Testimonial: Kim Trujillo

Viviana Sena opens up about the loss of her daughter to fentanyl. Originally from Las Vegas, NM, Viviana’s daughter, a cheerleader, was injured after being dropped by her teammates at a game and  started taking opiates to deal with the pain. 

Stacy Burleson is a former drug dealer whose daughter is addicted to Fentanyl. Stacy has dramatically turned her life around and is currently the Executive Director of Women in Leadership. Stacy spends her life now helping women in jail and prison beat drug addiction and a life of crime. 

Tanya Tijerina, Clinical Operations Manager at the Second Judicial District Court, opens up about her family’s battle with their her daughter’s addiction to fentanyl and working on it every day to help her daughter with the struggle.

Kim Trujillo, former television news anchor/reporter, costume designer and currently the Development/Advancement Director at Heading Home, opens up about her family’s struggle with her son’s fentanyl addiction and mental health issues she is working on day in and day out.

Narcan Can Save a Life

Get it and carry it with you always.

If you or a friend or family member are using opioids like the blues, heroin, fentanyl, keep a Narcan kit available for you or a friend or family member to use in case of an overdose.

Narcan kits are available at Bernalillo County Behavioral Health Services at the Central In-take office all day, everyday. 

Staff will review how to use Narcan to revive a person experiencing an opioid overdose.  Remember when you’re ready, we are ready to help you enter care.  Recovery is possible.

Call Bernalillo County, Behavioral Health Services, CARE Campus, 505 468-1555 for more information.

The CARE Campus is located at 5901 Zuni Road SE (Valencia SE at Zuni Road SE).

How to Get Narcan

To get Narcan anywhere in New Mexico, call (505) 270-5943.

How to Administer Narcan

Watch this training video to see how to administer Narcan.

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Fentanyl: A Deadly Drug

Bernalillo County, the City of Albuquerque, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and community partner organizations have joined forces to launch a community educational awareness campaign dealing with the deadly drug fentanyl.  This extensive fentanyl awareness campaign will immerse the community in valuable information to combat this life-ending and family-shattering drug.   

Fentanyl use, overdose, and poisoning have taken a toll in all regions of our country, from the largest cities to the smallest towns.  Parents and community members who once thought “it could never happen to my family,” are now facing the harsh reality of educating themselves on how to identify the presence, use, and how to seek resources to fight addiction of fentanyl.

The campaign is entitled “keepNMalive” and began Oct. 13, 2022 with a community-wide discussion about fentanyl.  The goal of this free summit was to provide awareness to the cause, supply, consequences of use, and community resources to combat the impact fentanyl is having on the community.  Assistance information was provided to individuals or families affected by fentanyl and the summit featured more than 40 experts in their respective fields.

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A Lethal Dose

Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are the most common drugs involved in overdose deaths. Even in small doses, it can be deadly. Over 150 people die every day from overdoses related to synthetic opioids like fentanyl.