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A: One of the first things the department has to determine is jurisdiction. Simply provide us your address or your Uniform Property Code (UPC) number from your tax bill so we can properly identify the lot. We match this information with our on-line Geographic Information System (GIS).

A: The City of Albuquerque's Zoning, Building & Planning Department phone number is (505) 924-3850.

A: A permit is an agreement between Bernalillo County and the applicant whereby the applicant agrees to follow the county's  Land Use Codes. The applicant must submit plans to show what he or she intends to do.

A: A permit ensures that Bernalillo County Planning and Development Services will inspect the work. The inspector may discover faulty materials, deviations from the approved plans or violations of the building codes and land use codes that may result in an unsafe or hazardous condition for you or your family.

It is a violation of county ordinance to not have a permit when work being done requires one. Failure to obtain a permit may result in an investigation and violation fees and/or may result in court prosecution.

A: In general, a building permit is required for any structural change or alteration made in a building, or when any new construction is undertaken. When applicable, permits for mechanical, plumbing and electrical work are also required. Refer to Chapter 10, Article II, Section 110 of the Building Ordinance for a listing of what DOES NOT need a permit. Your proposed project must comply with the zoning ordinances. If it does not, a separate submittal for exception may be required.

A: The plan review and permit fee for the building portion is based on the valuation of the project. The mechanical, plumbing and electrical fees are based on the number of items installed such as plumbing fixtures, air conditioner units and electrical outlets. Wall permits are based on the height and linear footage of the wall. Exact fees are available after plans are reviewed.

A: Bernalillo County has an adopted Impact Fee Ordinance. These fees are collected upon permit issuance for all new square foot additions for commercial structures, residences and mobile homes. These fees are invested back into our community for capacity improvements to roads, parks and fire protection.

A: An application for permit is made at Bernalillo County Planning and Development Services. We are located at 111 Union Square SE, Suite 100. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. The homeowner or contractor can make the application for a permit, but it is the responsibility of the homeowner/property owner to ensure a permit is seccured and posted on the job site.

A: Once a permit has been obtained from Bernalillo County Planning and Development Services, there are certain responsibilities placed on the homeowner and/or contractor. The homeowner is responsible for obtaining the permit for the proposed project and for posting it on the site. The individual doing the work covered by the permit must call for inspection prior to covering or concealing work.

A: You may contact us at (505) 314-0350

A: You will need a site plan, elevations, floor plan(s), foundation plan, framing plan(s) (floor framing is applicable and roof framing), electrical plan(s) and all pertinent details, wall sections, and building sections (as applies to the proposed project).

A: The general turn-around time for a residential building permit is five working days; please allow at least 10 working days for a commercial building permit.

In general, commercial projects require that the construction documents be prepared and stamped by a licensed New Mexico architect. Also, commercial projects that have new plumbing, mechanical and/or electrical work are required to be prepared and stamped by a licensed engineer, licensed by the state of New Mexico in the respective engineering field. All commercial projects are required to be done by a licensed contractor holding a state of New Mexico GB98 license.

There is no specific requirement for an architect/engineer or licensed contractor on most residential projects. Residential buildings are constructed using alternative methods and materials may be required to bear the stamp of a licensed architect or engineer, however this requirement is left up to the building official or his/her designee. Please contact a building inspector at (505) 314-0350 to find out what the specific requirements are for your project.

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