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Bernalillo County has a continuous, six-year Capital Improvement Plan which provides a link between the needs and visions of the public and the county’s capital expenditure budgets.

Every two years, the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners updates the Capital Improvement Plan for major county capital projects. The process includes gathering project ideas from citizens and neighborhood groups, conducting a systematic and simultaneous evaluation of the potential projects, and then prioritizing them.

The Capital Improvement Plan reflects the county’s needs and the county’s goals. 2014 is a General Obligation Bond year.   

Public submittals for the 2016 GO Bond cycle will end on May 6, 2016. To submit a request, please click here. 

Please click here to see the 2014 General Obligation Bonds Funding Project Summaries.

The deadline for non-profits to submit applications for capital outlay funding from the NM Legislature is Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 5 p.m. 

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General Obligation (GO) bonds are a common type of financing instrument that enables counties and municipalities to borrow money at the lowest borrowing cost to finance needed capital improvement projects. General obligation bonds are secured by the full faith and credit taxing powers of Bernalillo County, which has the authority to levy and collect taxes.

Voters must approve bond questions before general obligation bonds can be sold. If citizens vote “yes” for a general obligation bond, they are giving their support to their local government to obtain funds to borrow money so that roads, parks, drainage facilities, libraries, public safety and other new capital facilities can be designed and constructed. Bonds also finance the redevelopment and improvement of older public buildings and facilities.

Local governments pay back the bonds between 10 and 30 years by using property tax revenues that will be collected in the future. The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners adopts a Capital Improvement Plan every two years as a means of identifying those projects for which bond funding will be requested, as well as a way to identify capital projects’ funding needs and the sources to pay for them - such as general obligation bonds, State of New Mexico capital outlay funds, impact fees, and various federal programs that exist for transportation projects.

Bernalillo County carefully manages its AAA bond rating and bond capacity so that it can ensure bonds are sold at the lowest borrowing cost to the taxpayers without increasing taxes.

Five important General Obligation bonds will appear on the general election ballot. These bonds are used to fund library books and materials; public safety facilities; upgrades to and new construction of parks and recreation facilities; new road construction and repair of roads; and flood damage reduction and storm drainage projects.

Please click here to see the General Obligation Bonds Funding Project Summaries.

County Bond Issue #1 -Library Books and Materials

$1,800,000 to keep the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Library system updated and to assure a quality educational resource for everyone – all library branches will benefit.

County Bond Issue #2 - Public Safety

$5,741,000 to design and construct new public safety facilities and repair existing facilities.

  • Animal shelter  – $4,500,000 to design, construct and equip a new, 7,000 square-foot animal shelter facility within Bernalillo County.
  • Metropolitan Assessment Treatment Services Center (MATS) - $41,000 for the design and installation of a new HVAC system to open a new wing for services.
  • Facilities maintenance - $1,200,000 to replace aging systems in various county-owned buildings.

County Bond Issue​ #3 - Parks and Recreation Facilities

$6,460,000 for improvements to parks and community centers, a new otter exhibit at the ABQ BioPark, design and construction of a new regional recreation & aquatics facility, and additional Little League fields.

  • Otter exhibit at BioPark - $2,000,000 towards the design and construction of a new Otter Exhibit at the ABQ BioPark.
  • Regional Recreation & Aquatics Facility - $1,250,000 to design and construct a new facility within the county.
  • Los Vecinos Community Center - $800,000 to move existing basketball court, fix turf and improve grading and drainage.
  • Westside Community Center  - $450,000 to demolish the annex, create new parking, and improve existing trail and drainage.
  • Paradise Hills Community Center  – $400,000 to include an additional gym, a fitness center, locker and changing rooms and additional parking.
  • Los Padillas Community Center - $50,000 to add lighting to redeveloped parking lot.
  • La Ladera Park - $100,000 to expand the park to the west including a Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District ditch crossing.
  • Dennison Park - $50,000 to install new bleachers, a concession stand, a sheep enclosure and additional parking.
  • North Valley Little League  – $610,000 to plan, design, construct and equip two new Little League fields, a concession stand, and additional parking.
  • Little League facilties - $100,000 to purchase and install bleachers at all facilities.
  • Park and playground redevelopment - $500,000 to improve parks and playgrounds county-wide.
  • Aquatic upgrades - $50,000 to add changing rooms, improve ADA access, install new landscaping and lighting at pools throughout the county.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act planning  - $100,000 to identify specific ADA recommendations, plans and cost estimates for upgrades to all parks, recreation and open space facilities.

County Bond Issue #4 – Road Construction and Improvements

$9,070,000 for the design, construction and repair of roads and related non-motor vehicle pathways within Bernalillo County.

  • Sunport Boulevard Extension – $1,600,000 to extend Sunport Boulevard from Broadway Boulevard to Interstate 25 utilizing four-lane construction.
  • Bridge Boulevard Redevelopment - $1,500,000 to reconstruct Bridge Boulevard from Coors Boulevard to Isleta Boulevard.
  • Second Street SW and Valle del Oro Trail - $500,000 to construct a 10-foot-wide, multi-use trail within existing right-of-way for segments both north and south of Rio Bravo.
  • Paving and rehabilitating roads in Districts 1, 2, 4 and 5 - $4,000,000 to place asphalt pavement on unincorporated area dirt and graveled roadways or to replace substantially deteriorated paved roadways throughout the county.
  • CAP Co-op State School Bus Route Program – $170,000 to provide matching funds for state funding to improve various school bus routes including paving, drainage and safety improvements.
  • New sidewalks, ADA improvements and lighting in District 3 - $1,000,000 to augment capital outlay dollars received from the State to install new sidewalks, ADA improvements and lighting.
  • Roadway striping, traffic calming and guardrails – $300,000 to replace roadway striping, install traffic calming devices, pavement markings and guardrails as needed for safety.

County Bond Issue #5 – Drainage and Utilities

$4,500,000 for flood damage reduction and storm drainage projects, sewer infrastructure and fiber optic installation.

  • Vista del Rio, Phase 4B - $2,000,000 to install storm drainage facilities to collect storm water and direct it to a detention pond. Curb and gutters will be installed on the roadways to prevent runoff from entering private property.
  • Arenal Storm Drain - $1,700,000 to continue the flood damage reduction project in the South Valley.
  • North Edith - $500,000 to develop sewer infrastructure and potentially build water infrastructure for the far northern extent of Edith Boulevard.
  • Fiber optics design and installation - $300,000 to install fiber optics as an essential county utility and incorporate its installation with other utility work when possible.
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