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Commission Approves Santolina Tax Increment Development Districts

The Bernalillo County Commission Tuesday approved the creation of Santolina Tax Increment Development Districts 1 through 20, which allows a portion of certain county taxes to be diverted to help pay for roads, parks and other costs for the proposed Santolina development.

The county would dedicate 45 percent of certain county gross receipts taxes and 45 percent of property taxes generated within the boundaries of those districts only to the project. The tax increment dedication would stop in November 2071 or when the commission determines that the districts have funded about $500 million in infrastructure, whichever occurs first.

Today Santolina is largely undeveloped, located on more than 13,000 acres in far southwestern Bernalillo County. Over the next 50 years, the county could receive $4.6 billion in additional tax revenue as a result of the development.

The districts were approved Tuesday evening on a 3-2 vote. Commissioners Art De La Cruz, Wayne Johnson and Lonnie Talbert voted yes. Commissioners Maggie Hart Stebbins and Debbie O’Malley voted no.

Tax increment development districts are allowed by state law and have been used in other places throughout New Mexico. No property owners, residents or businesses outside the tax increment development districts would have to pay extra taxes. Also, only Bernalillo County government’s portions of property and gross receipts taxes are impacted by the commission’s action.

The application for the tax increment development districts was submitted by Western Albuquerque Land Holdings, LLC.

Last year, Western Albuquerque Land Holdings received approval of a Planned Communities Level A Master Plan and Planned Communities Zoning for 13,851 acres of undeveloped land in the southwestern area of Bernalillo County.

The Santolina Master Plan, which is contingent upon future demand and market conditions, provides a general framework for development over the next 40 to 50 years, to include five residential villages and village commercial uses, two business parks, a town center, an industrial/business park, and an urban center, along with parks, trails, public open space, educational facilities, roads and utilities. Over time, the applicant proposes that the project will be developed with approximately 38,000 households and provide approximately 75,000 jobs.

Visit www.bernco.gov/santolina for more information.

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