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    Location and Hours

    Address: 34 Forest Road 252 (Manzano Mountains)

    Hours of Operation: The trail is open from dawn to dusk throughout the year.

    Contact: Bernalillo County Open Space staff, 505-314-0400 or calangan@bernco.gov

    Sabino Canyon contains 117 acres of piñon juniper forest and upland meadows and was purchased by the county in October, 1999.  Elevations range from 7000-7200 feet. The area is directly south of the Cedro Peak campground, and borders Cibola National Forest land on the north, south and west.  

    Vegetation is piñon-juniper and upland meadows.  Mule deer, black bear, piñon deermouse, black-tailed jackrabbit, porcupine, diamond back rattlesnakes and the canyon wren have been seen on the property.  The area has a large meadow with blue grama, pine dropseed and other grass species. 

    In wet years, the area has a seasonal spring and riparian area.  The seasonal spring is located near the road on the southern section of the property.  Two wells were drilled on the property prior to acquisition; one was a dry well, and the other produces less than one gallon per minute.


    sabino mesa


    Property History

    Signs of habitation in the area date back to 5500 B.C., and from the early 1600s until the late 1800s, the land was farmed for pinto beans and potatoes. The Riedmont Fur Farm was constructed in the early 1920s by the Riedling musical instrument family. Between 300 and 500 silver foxes were raised for their furs, as well as mink and rabbit. The economic depression and crash of fur markets caused the family to abandon the farm in the late 1930s. Between the 1930s to the 1960s, little is known about the old settlement of Sabino. In 1971, it was sold to Dr. Sterling Edwards.  Bernalillo County purchased the property in October 1999 as open space.  

    Remnants of the property’s past can still be seen on top of the meadow. Structures from the old Riedmont Fur Farm include a small cabin, two wooden sheds, an old water tank, two old wooden buildings and an old outhouse.

    sabino stables

    Planning and Management

    With technical assistance from the National Park Service Rivers and Trails Program and in collaboration with the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division and the U.S. Forest Service, an extensive, 3-year community planning process for nine East Mountain open space properties, including Sabino Canyon, was completed.  On October 27, 2004, a public open house was held at Los Vecinos Community Center in Tijeras with approximately 150 community participants in attendance. Draft resource management plans for Sabino Canyon and the other East Mountain Open Space properties were available for public inspection and comment. Steering committee members and technical team members, including BCPR staff, were in attendance to answer questions and address community concerns.

    In February 2005, the final draft Sabino Canyon resource management plan was submitted to the Bernalillo County Planning Commission and to the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners.  The CPC formally accepted the submission during its March meeting. Formal approval by the BCC was received on April 26, 2005. Transitioning to implementation of plan objectives and community-based site stewardship is the next challenge in effective administration at Sabino Canyon and at all of the East Mountain Open Space properties.

    Current Projects

    Bernalillo County has completed a two-mile, single-track trail that extends to the east and west side of the property. General improvements have been made to the parking area and road. The County and East Mountain Historical Society have developed a “Sabino Canyon Open Space: An Interpretive Guide” as part of the National Park Service Challenge Cost Share Grant (see link at the top of the page).

    Bernalillo County also worked with the N.M. State Forestry Division and Cuidad Soil and Water Conservation District to complete a fuel wood thinning throughout the entire property in 2010 to prevent forest fires and improve forest health. After the thinning, the trail was enhanced and outdoor furnishings and interpretive wayside signs were installed.  The furnishings include benches and a shade structure on the east side of the property, as well as a recently installed log seating area on the west side of the property as part of Cole Milhollin's Eagle Scout project.  


    Learn about the history of this property through this publication developed in coordination with the East Mountain Historical Society and the National Park Service, Rivers, Trails, & Conservation Assistance Program by clicking on the title, Sabino Canyon Intrepretive Guide.

    Sabino Area Map

    Sabino Trails Map


    For additional information or questions about this Open Space property, contact Colleen Langan at (505) 314-0398 or email calangan@bernco.gov.

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    Community Services
    • Pickleball offered Monday through Friday at the Los Vecinos Community Center. For more information, call (505) 314-0240.
      478 NM-333, Tijeras
      3/24/2018 9:00 AM - 3/24/2018 12:00 PM

    • Open Gym Volleyball for ages 16 plus. Membership fee is $12, or free for veterans and 60 years old and up.
      Los Vecinos Community Center, 478 NM-333, Tijeras
      3/24/2018 12:00 PM - 3/24/2018 3:00 PM

    • This Backyard Farming class will cover the whole spectrum of vining plants - from site selection to planting, growing, the importance of weed control, and pruning to get the best out of the vine. Ongoing vine management including shoot selection, leaf stripping and canopy management will also be discussed. We’ll go out in the fresh air to learn the practical aspects with a demonstration and then we will be set loose on the grape and blackberry vines in the heritage vineyard for some hands-on application with oversight. The class is free, but registration is required. Click the attached link.
      Gutierrez-Hubbell House, 6029 Isleta Blvd. SW
      3/24/2018 1:00 PM - 3/24/2018 3:00 PM

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