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Paradise Hills ADA Improvement Project - Phase 1

Project Scope

Bernalillo County has identified several areas not complying with the current Federal, State and Local regulations that govern ADA mobility requirements as it pertains to the pedestrian traffic facilities located along Bernalillo County Roadway facilities. It is the spirit of this project to help remediate several deficient areas within the Paradise Hills Neighborhood and bring these areas within compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as meeting the requirements of the County’s ADA Transition Plan and the Complete Street Initiative.

This project will look at removing and replacing existing wheelchair ramps, concrete curbing and concrete sidewalk that does not meet current ADA requirements. This project will also look at making the traveled path safer for pedestrians by replacing pavement markings that have faded or that are currently not in place, as needed.

General Project Information

Engineer | Jason P. Clark, P.E.

Contractor | Albuquerque Asphalt, Inc.
Construction Cost: $148,125.20
Project Completed | November 2018


Project Contact Information:
Jason P. Clark
(505) 848-1534



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