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Sunport Commerce Center Transportation Plan

Plan Overview

The plan area is located in Mountain View Neighborhood and is about 860 acres. The boundaries are Second Street SW on the west, Woodward Road —Sunport Boulevard on the north, I-25 on the east, and Rio Bravo Boulevard on the south. Broadway Boulevard also traverses the plan area from north to south.

Both Broadway and Rio Bravo Boulevards are owned and maintained by the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT). The county’s Planning and Development Services are preparing a Design Overlay Zone (DOZ) for this area to strengthen the quality of development. It will regulate landscaping, fences and walls, architecture, etc.

Public Works/ Technical Services has prepared a parallel Transportation Plan to identify the internal roadway network. By improving access to dozens of parcels, it can help redevelop the area into a cohesive employment center.

Click the image to the right to see the plan that was adopted by the Bernalillo County Commission on May 14, 2019.


Background Information

The transportation plan provides information about:

  • Economic conditions and opportunities
  • Existing and proposed roadways
  • Existing and proposed trails such as along the South Diversion Channel
  • Transit service
  • Railways including NMRX Railrunner, BNSF, Amtrak
  • Traffic volumes
  • Traffic safety/ crashes


Roadway Design Standards

The transportation plan also includes roadway design standards. These specify requirements for:

  • Access management (driveway spacing)
  • Lot size, block length, and connectivity
  • Required complete streets improvements such as sidewalks, bike lanes, street trees, green infrastructure, and lighting



The transportation plan provides a capital projects list for new roadways to be constructed. Commerce Center Avenue East and Edmond Street are planned to be built first.

Financing will include private funding for local streets; federal grants and general obligation bonds may be used for major streets. Property owners are asked to dedicate right-of-way and improve streets along the frontages of their property.


Richard Meadows, Technical Planning Manager
(505) 848-1598


The transportation plan will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for their approval in Spring 2019.

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