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South Valley Drinking Water Project

This project is a joint effort of Bernalillo County, the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA), the State of New Mexico through legislative funding and federal funding through the state's Congressional delegation. The overall project is being designed and constructed by Bernalillo County. Now completed, it is owned, operated and maintained by the ABCWUA.

Contact: Engineer, Amor Solano-Hood at (505) 848-1527,

Overall Project Site Map

Phase 7: Distribution System, Los Padillas to County Line

Phase 7 consists of a water distribution system for residents between Los Padillas Road and the Interstate 25 intersection and from Coors Boulevard to the Rio Grande. Improvements will include waterlines, fire protection, and roadway improvements. Total estimated construction costs of Phase 7 is $5.3 million. Phase 7 design is complete, however, construction is being phased due to funding constraints.

Remaining distribution lines of Phase 7 will be constructed as funds become available.

Phase 7 Map

In Planning

Additional Phases of the Water System (Phases 8 & 9)

Additional phases of the distribution system have been considered. These will extend water service down from the north to the southern edge of the county at the Isleta Pueblo boundary. Depending upon available funding, this work will be done in two or three phases. The last two phases of the SVDWP will provide water service west of Coors Boulevard in the Powers Way, Winchester, and Douglas area. The estimated cost for the future phases is approximately $19 million.


Phase 1

The first phase of the SVDWP consisted of the construction of a 36-inch transmission pipeline and small portion of 10-inch distribution line. The start and point of connection for the transmission waterline is at Broadway and the Tijeras Channel just north of Bobby Foster Road; the transmission waterline ends just west of the intersection at Coors Boulevard and Pajarito Road. The total length of transmission waterline constructed is 22,310 linear feet, the total length of distribution water line constructed along Pajarito Road is 7,500 feet. The project cost $13.4 million and was completed in July, 2007.

Phases 2 and 2A

The construction of the South Valley Drinking Water Project from Metzgar Road to Raymac Road, east of Coors Blvd. was completed in August, 2008. Over 140,000 linear feet of water line and 1,200 water services were installed in the area in addition to over 240 fire hydrants. The total construction cost was $9.7 million.

Phase 3: Transmission West and Reservoir

The project included 9,600 lineal feet of 36-inch transmission line along Pajarito Road from Coors Blvd to the reservoir location, which is 3,000 feet west of Douglas Road. The Pajarito Reservoir is filled from the Miles Reservoir located near Carlisle and Gibson. The reservoir provides a redundant system to ensure a stable water supply for residents in the valley floor. The total construction cost was $6.7 million.

Phase 4: Pajarito Pump Station

The water supply pump station is located on the southeast corner of Pajarito Road and Isleta Blvd. The pump station contains large pumps to push water up to the Phase 3 reservoir and is required so that additional services can be provided throughout the southwest valley area. Construction on the pump station was completed in August, 2010; the cost of construction was $1.8 million.

Phase 5: Distribution System, Raymac to Cherry Tree Lane

This phase of the SVDWP provided service to the area bounded by Raymac Road on the north, Cherry Tree Lane and Court on the south, Coors Boulevard on the west and the Rio Grande on the east. The project installed over 50,000 linear feet of water line and provided water service to 333 lots. The construction cost was $3.3 million and construction completion was August, 2010.

Phase 6: Distribution System, Cherry Tree Lane to Los Padillas

Phase 6 consists of water services for residents between Cherry Tree Lane/Della Road to Los Padillas Road and from Coors Blvd east to the Isleta Blvd with a few streets services east of Isleta. For funding reasons the project was designed and constructed in two phases.

Phase 6A

Consisted of work only on Coors Boulevard, Isleta Boulevard, Norment/Luchetti Road., Los Padillas Road., and the roads between Coors Boulevard. and McKim Road. This phase installed over 23,000 feet of water line and provided service to 243 lots. Construction cost was $2.6 million and construction was completed in August, 2011.

Phase 6B

Phase 6B consisted of all arterial roads not included in Phase 6A.This phase installed over 36,000 feet of water line and provided service to 248 lots. Construction cost was $2.2 million and construction was completed in June, 2012.

Phase 7A

This phase consists of a loop from Coors Boulevard., Malpais Road, and Isleta Boulevard. This phase installed more than 10,700 feet of water line and serviced 80 lots. Total construction costs were $1.15 million and construction was completed in September, 2014.

Other Staff Contacts:

Brad Catanach, P.E.,
Engineering Manager,
(505) 848-1518

Nolan Bennett, P.E.,
Construction Manager,
(505) 848-1534

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