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The High-Efficiency Toilet Retrofit Program replaces high-water-use toilets with high-efficiency toilets. Participants can qualify for up to two free high-efficiency toilets (1.28 gallons-per-flush), installed by a licensed plumber. High-efficiency toilets are EPA WaterSense products - they are certified to be 20 percent more water efficient and perform as well or better than standard models.

Property owners in Bernalillo County who are not water customers of the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority are eligible for the program. Only toilets that are greater than 1.6 gallons per flush are eligible for replacement.

Participants also receive a Residential Water Audit, which evaluates household water use and opportunities for water conservation, AND a Water Conservation Kit that includes a low-flow showerhead and faucet aerators.

To apply, complete and submit a High-Efficiency Toilet Retrofit Application.


Bernalillo County Water Conservation Program
Program Contact: Megan Marsee, Water Conservation and Resource Manager
(505) 224-2158, mmarsee@bernco.gov
Report Water Waste

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