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The purpose of the Water Resources Program is to monitor and assess surface and groundwater resources, to recommend policies and implement appropriate programs and projects that protect water quality and conserve water resources for the citizens of Bernalillo County.

Current programs and projects include: water conservation, storm water quality, groundwater monitoring, low and moderate-income sewer and water connections in conjunction with the Albuquerque Bernalillo Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA) (The PIPE Program), and water and sewer connection program in the South Valley with the Office of Natural Resource Trustee. Water Resources also assists other county departments in water quality compliance, toilet retrofits, water conservation audits and technical recommendations. Water Resources consists of eight staff members.




​FAQ's in English 

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A: Yes. If you are not an ABCWUA customer, the Water Resources Program has a Residential Indoor/Outdoor Audit Program, a High Efficiency Toilet Retrofit Program, and a Rain Barrel Incentive Program. If you are connected to water and sewer servic... Read More

A: Yes. As long as you are in the un-incorporated area of Bernalillo County and not a water customer of the ABCWUA.

A: No, our program is for unincorporated residents only who are not water customers of the ABCWUA. If you are in the city you can use the ABCWUA rebate program listed above.

A: No, we have no way of issuing a rebate. You can still sign up for a home water audit where we will supply lowflow-aerators and shower heads. If you have other toilets that still need to be replaced ,we will look at them.

A: No, the toilets are white.

A: No, we destroy the old toilet so it can’t be installed somewhere else.

A: Yes, we pay for the installation and disposal of the old toilet. If there are problems with the plumbing that require additional work during installation, the homeowner is responsible for those costs. Some examples of extra repairs that may b... Read More

A: No. We are researching other incentive options, but right now the incentives do not include washing machines.

A: This model is not supposed to crack. However we recommend that you drain the barrel in the winter during very cold periods.

A: One Rain barrel per legal parcel with a residence.

A: If your well was drilled after 1956, a well permit from the Office of the State Engineer should have been obtained at that time, and it is required for your well to be “legal”. If your well was drilled after 1987, a well permit fr... Read More

A: Currently there no requirement that you have to connect to ABCWUA – supplied water for an existing residence. However, with only a very few, special exceptions, you are required to connect existing structures to ABCWUA sewer if it is av... Read More

A: Unused wells should be properly plugged and abandoned to prevent contaminants from entering the well and the aquifer. Guidance for abandoning a well constructed after 1987 and permitted with the County can be obtained from Bernalillo County O... Read More

A: A filtering system will be needed and can be obtained from several commercial vendors. There is no County program to install or maintain filtration systems. High iron or manganese may be an indicator that septic wastewater discharge is presen... Read More

A: Offset distances for wells can be found in Bernalillo County’s Individual Well Ordinance. The following table summarizes the off-set distances for individual and multiple household wells.


El propósito del Programa de Recursos de Agua es de monitorear y tener acceso a los recursos del agua superficial y subterránea, para recomendar e implementar programas y proyectos apropiados que protegen la calidad del agua y conservan los recursos de agua para los ciudadanos del Condado Bernalillo.

Los programas y proyectos corrientes incluyen: conservación del agua, calidad del agua de tormentas, monitoreo del agua subterránea, conexiones de alcantarilla y de agua de ingresos bajos y moderados en conjunto con la Autoridad de la Utilidad del Agua de Albuquerque Bernalillo (ABCWUA por sus siglas en inglés) (El Programa PIPE [Cañería]), y el programa de conexión de agua y alcantarilla en el valle del sur con la Oficina del Fideicomisario de Recursos Naturales. Los Recursos de Agua también ayuda a otros departamentos del condado en el cumplimiento de la calidad del agua, la retrocolocación de inodoros, auditorías de la conservación del agua y recomendaciones técnicas. Los Recursos de Agua consiste de ocho miembros del personal.


FAQ's en Españ​ol

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¿Qué es residuo líquido contaminado?

El residuo líquido del agua de tormenta recoge y se lleva muchas sustancias que pueden contaminar aguas naturales. Algunas de estas sustancias – como pesticidas, fertilizantes, aceite y jabón – son dañinas hasta en cantidades pequeñas. Otras – como sedimento de la construcción, desecho de mascotas y desechos de paisajismo – son malas para la calidad del agua cuando hay mucha en el agua de tormenta.

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