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Alameda Boulevard Adaptive Signal System Becomes Even More Responsive


The innovative signal timing system on Alameda Boulevard is now more adaptive to traffic conditions. The signals at the intersections of  Alameda and Second and Alameda and Fourth have new flashing left turn arrows that will better respond to the number of vehicles making left turns.

The adaptive signal timing system is a designated set of traffic signals that effectively communicate with each other to improve overall traffic flow along a stretch of road. 

East and westbound traffic along Alameda Boulevard at Second and Fourth Streets will be able to make left turns, as needed, when needed. The adaptive signal system will balance the needs for left turns with the need to keep traffic moving.

“Bernalillo County constantly works to advance its processes and systems to better improve traffic flow along this boulevard,” says Commissioner Lonnie Talbert. “By further enhancing this adaptive signal system the residents who drive along the Alameda Boulevard corridor every day will experience a consistent traffic flow with minimal delays.”

Video detection cameras collect real-time traffic flow information that is used to optimize the signal timing throughout the day. Peak hour traffic flow is improved by adjusting the green light times, while not significantly increasing the wait times on the side streets.

This system was the first of its kind in the state when Bernalillo County Public Works activated it in early fall 2013. 

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