The Bernalillo County Public Works, Transportation Planning Section (TPS) is responsible for transportation project planning, developing and updating Bernalillo County transportation plans, Complete Streets planning and development review traffic impacts.

Bernalillo County Transportation Planning

Transportation Project Planning

As transportation funds come available through federal, state and local sources, the TPS is responsible for pursuing funding and ensuring project proposals are consistent with Bernalillo County adopted plans and policies. Visit the Transportation Project Planning page for details.

Transportation Plans

Bernalillo County Public Works develops and implements a variety of transportation plans. Many of these plans are developed to support the surrounding land use served by the adjacent transportation system. Visit the Transportation Plans page for a list of Bernalillo County transportation plans.

Complete Streets Planning

Complete Streets is a national effort to plan, design, maintain and operate streets to promote the safe and convenient access and travel for all users. This includes pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and motor vehicle drivers. The design of these streets takes into account the surrounding environment. A Complete Street in the East Mountain area looks very different from one in other parts of the unincorporated county. In June 2015, Bernalillo County adopted a Complete Streets Ordinance. Under this ordinance, Bernalillo County publishes a list of Complete Streets projects expected to be completed in the upcoming calendar year. Visit Complete Streets Planning page for details.

Development Review Traffic Impacts

As new development moves forward, the impact the development makes on the transportation network is analyzed and improvements may be required to mitigate any identified effects that come about from the added traffic. Visit the Traffic Impact Analysis page for details.

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