All Bernalillo County offices will be closed on Friday, July 3 in observance of the national Fourth of July holiday.
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Public Works

If you need to have your well water tested due to unusual odor, color, taste, or other concerns, contact the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED)  Drinking Water Division at (505) 222-9500,

the Bernalillo County Public Works Division (BCPWD), Water Resources Department at (505) 848-1500, or the Bernalillo County Environmental Health Department at (505) 314-0310.


Water sampling and testing services are not provided by NMED or BCPWD; however, they can provide information on the type of testing you may want to have done.  They can also provide technical information on the proper collection and handling procedures for samples.

The NMED Albuquerque Office is located at 5500 San Antonio Ave, NE, or you may contact them at (505) 222-9500.  The BCPWD office is located at 2400 Broadway, SE, or you may contact them at (505) 848-1500.  The Bernalillo County  Environmental Health Department is located at 111 Union Square, SE, or you may contact them at (505) 343-0310.


Laboratories that provide testing may be found in your local yellow pages, under Laboratories.  NMED and BCPWD can provide guidance on criteria for selecting a lab in the Albuquerque area, based on the testing you may need.

After selecting a laboratory, you should contact the lab to obtain information regarding testing requirements, obtaining the proper forms and containers to collect water samples, and proper handling of samples for testing.


Average cost for testing may vary depending on the type of testing requested and the laboratory you select.

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