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    How to pay your property tax:

    1. Fill in street number only
    2. Fill in Street only
    3. Select Direction optional
    4. Select Year
    5. Click Pay Property Tax Online
    6. Press the search button to Proceed

    Example: Please enter only the street name WITHOUT adding street type or quadrant. For instance, in the Street box, enter only San Mateo instead of San Mateo Blvd. NE or Freedom instead of Freedom Way.

    Do NOT use any of the following street types (key words) in the STREET field: AVE, BLV, BLVD, CIR, CT, DR, FWY, HWY, LN, LP, PKWY, PL, RD, ST, TER, TR, TRL, WAY

    Do NOT use any spaces when entering the property parcel identification number.

    Note: When you see your parcel ID number displayed, please click on it.

    Having trouble viewing the search below? Try opening it in a new window.

    NOTE: this tax payment application is secure and encrypted. If you are using a mobile device - such as a smartphone - to access this application, please use the landscape (horizontal) view.

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